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      First filmmakers commissioned

      After a first phase of calls for submissions from filmmakers and creative curators, five film makers and two curators have been appointed to develop film content for three channels that will be hosted on the building’s internal audio-visual system.

      As part of the ATD programme’s multi-sensory design and distraction imagery project, channels will be used by clinicians and play therapists to distract patients during treatment procedures by encouraging them to relax, engage or focus during procedures or treatments.

      Each channel will have three to four hours of commissioned content which will be played as an on-demand film sequence. The film content will be made up of short films or clips ranging from around one minute to thirty minutes in length.

      A clinician accessing the distraction channels will be able to filter content according to a patient’s age, preferred subject matter and length of time of the procedure or treatment the patient will undergo.

      The film library is seen as a tool to augment the current use of books, games and other distractions staff currently use and the filmmakers will create comparable distraction through the use of film. ‘Relaxing’ distraction is intended to calm and soothe the patient, whilst ‘engaging’ distraction is intended to hold the concentration of the patient for an extended period of time.

      Meet the filmmakers and curators and see some of their application showreels and existing work:

      Nim Jethwa
      Drawing on the tilt shift/time lapse methods used in his wildly popular short film ‘Little Bristol’ and Nim Jethwa will create a new ‘Little Edinburgh’ short film.

      Jack Lockhart
      Jack Lockhart uses a distinctive animation style combining moving image and painting.

      Kris Kubik
      Kris Kubik will be working to create four short films, based on wildlife habitats and species with local footage from the Water of Leith.

      Holger Mohaupt & Tracey Fearnehough
      Filmmaker Holger Mohaupt will work with filmmaker and researcher in the use of film with young people, Tracey Fearnehough. Along with Art Sparks, part of the learning programme at Jupiter Artland, a sculpture park near Edinburgh, they’ll run workshops for children aged 4 – 12 years. From these workshops a 1- 3 minute film will be produced.

      Adam Castle
      Adam Castle is Founder and Head Curator of the Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival (EAMIF) which celebrates video art and artist’s film. With extensive access to artists and archive resources, Adam will start curating films from a database of 1300 short films.

      Matt Lloyd
      Matt Lloyd is Director of Glasgow Short Film Festival (GSFF), the largest short film festival in Scotland. He will draw on works screened on GSFF’s annual Family Animation Programme selected to appeal to all age groups.