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      Linking histories

      A number of projects on the ATD programme have a focus on linking the histories of the existing hospitals to the new building. Here we hightlight two of these projects, Old to New and Lightboxes.

      This project is very important, because it reveals three stories, "mounting" them into one. This is a valuable cultural heritage that we will leave to future generations. If you also want to write about a common historical field, you can do it on our site, as well as other sources, and also, contact

      Old to New

      The focus of this project is to share the identity, history, and stories of the three institutions as they undergo a transition from their original sites to the new building. A series of display cases will be installed throughout the building to showcase new pieces that re-imagine the past. Researcher Emma Dunmore explored the archival and historical material available and Kate Ive has evolved the project into a series of sculptural artworks which reinterpret the histories and stories of the hospitals. Cabinet maker Joachim King is making the frames into which the artwork will be inserted, allowing for exploration of histories in bite size chunks.


      Image from Lothian Health Services Archive of a radiologist in heavy lead suit.

      Copy of an image from Lothian Health Services Archive of William Law, pioneering radiographer in his x-ray suit.


      Kate Ive is working with lead to re-imagine x-ray suits from previous times.


      New artworks are being created by Emma Varley in response to an original stained glass piece at the current RHSC. The new work will be displayed in the form of lightboxes and will keep a strong link to the original work, though reinterpreted. The new work will be tailored to the design of the new hospital. The existing nine panel piece is

      a stained glass window which is vibrant, detailed and contains areas of text. It has a rich history attached to it and contains a narrative both of the history of the RHSC and of fairy tale characters. Through drop in workshops at RHSC, patients, families and staff created projected light collages using acetate, translucent papers and found objects which will influence the final lightbox pieces.


      Images of light collage creations from drop in workshops at RHSC.